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What is classified as a good read? Many could give a specific answer. They love romance novels or young adult. However, I believe that it doesn’t matter if it is four lines of poetry or a 400 page novel, as long as the words behind it resonate within my soul. I love the way words can brush sensitive areas of the mind and make a heart swell with emotion. I aim to enjoy what I love and share that joy with others like myself. With people who live, breath, and love the black and white print.

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Featured Poem of the Week

Why Do We Write?

We write to find emotion

passive or extreme

A violent stain of passion

we’re fighting for a dream

We pause the world around us

express ourselves thru ink

Striving for the light

it’s into the darkness that we sink

We light a feud within us

a pen stroke at a time

Extending fingers thru key strokes

so easy it’s a crime

It’s a wicked guilty pleasure

NOT once are we contrite

If it’s not to define our selves…

Why do we write?

Original poem by E. Snell